How does someone 3 years past 60 reinvent their life?

After years and years of just going through the motions of staying married, raising kids, acquiring grandkids and hoping my lifelong career/job will hold out for 2 more years, it became clear I needed to do something with what remains of my life…something to prove all the ups and downs, heartaches and joys, steps forward and back were all worth it. Writing has always been my way of expressing my inner most feelings. This blog is my way of sharing those feelings with the world.

Welcome to My Write Moment. As a wife, mother, grandmother, dog lover, music lover, gardener, bird watcher, my topics for writing are endless. I invite you to check out my favorite stories including “A honeymoon gone wrong,” “One child of an alcoholic,” “Garden therapy,” and “My pianos” and more. Writing down my stories has proved to be cheap therapy and hopefully you will see yourselves in my words. Let’s get to know each other one story at a time.