FOCUS – My 2019 Word of the Year

January 2, 2019By Laura ThompsonLife Unplugged

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s the first day of  2019… a new year to start over, to reboot, to do more, or do less. Doesn’t everyone start out the New Year with a plan for self improvement? If you are like me, that plan lasts about 2 days tops and then I am back to … Read More

Let’s Talk Turkey

November 20, 2018By Laura ThompsonLife Unplugged

It’s three days before “turkey day” otherwise known as Thanksgiving here in the US. The grocery stores are overflowing with shoppers pushing carts full of 20 pound turkeys, bags of dressing, stalks of celery and pumpkin pies. They check their lists or their phones making sure they don’t forget that ONE item that, God forbid, … Read More

God Bless America

July 1, 2018By Laura ThompsonLife Unplugged

The smell of grilled onions and brats, cinnamon mini donuts and greasy French fries hang in the humid night air. The sailor’s delight sunset has lazily disappeared into the horizon and the county fair puts on its night clothes. The atmosphere transcends from family innocence to mysterious enchantment as the blinking lights glare from concession … Read More