Ghost Hunting

January 14, 2020By Laura ThompsonRandom Writing

The kids sat in the basement, watching Sponge Bob, drinking Kool-Aid and eating Doritos. Every now and then, Max, their dog, would get up from his spot on the floor, move to another spot, sniff the ground, turn around 3 times and lay down again. A commercial came on the TV. “The Spook Spectacular is … Read More

Time Ran Out (A Prompt Story)

January 2, 2020By Laura ThompsonRandom Writing

Prompts = Astronaut/wife that doesn’t notice “Honey, how many more long days do you have to work,” Jeanne asked her husband. “It seems like your assignments get longer and longer. I thought since you’re one of their top astronauts you’d got to work less, not more?” “I have a new project I’m working on, it’s … Read More


January 2, 2020By Laura ThompsonLife Unplugged, Random Writing

Party On. Stay Calm and Breathe. Stay Calm and see what happens. It’s the beginning of a New Year and as you can see, there hasn’t been much happening here at My Write Moment since my post last January 1 about my “Word of the Year,” FOCUS. While I may not have shared stories or … Read More