Focus Life 2019 Finding clarityHappy New Year Everyone! It’s the first day of  2019… a new year to start over, to reboot, to do more, or do less. Doesn’t everyone start out the New Year with a plan for self improvement? If you are like me, that plan lasts about 2 days tops and then I am back to the same old routine, along with its deep ruts of bad habits that are easier to continue than to change. Sigh. Starting around November, seeing the holidays coming full speed towards me, I do think about how I fared in 2018 and I then begin to contemplate changes I could make in the coming year. Ever since I was 30, my New Year’s resolution included losing weight. Honestly, there should be a light bulb inserted right here because I’m 62 now! Unfortunately, nothing has changed in the last 32 years except that scale… and not in a good way.

This year, instead of resolutions, I have decided to choose a “Word of the Year.” A good friend of mine told me how her WOY (Word of the Year) helped her find clarity and mindfulness the entire year. She posted her word all over her home where she would see it several times per day and over time began to see how things in her life were changing because of it. (

After a lot of thought, I decided FOCUS would be my word for 2019. By definition, FOCUS means the “center of attention, hub, heart, core,” or “the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition,” and “paying particular attention to.” Along with my eye vision lately, I have realized my life has become pretty “fuzzy.” With more of my life BEHIND me than in FRONT of me, this fact alone should have been a wake up call to see the writing on the wall. 2019 is the year to FOCUS on the many things in my life that need attention. I should have focused on my health years ago! But my bad habits are many and my excuses are endless. Can anyone else relate?

That being said, my FOCUS for 2019 will be to:

  1. Make healthier choices every day to promote a healthier me. 2019 will not be the last year that I have losing weight on my New Year Resolution list. I am being realistic and honest with myself that this will take a while. However, new eating habits, more exercise, meditation and less medications are the FOCUS of the “to do” list.
  2. Maintain closer relationships with family and friends. This includes my own children who I love dearly but sometimes do not connect with for months at a time; and also friends who live nearby but have become lost due to busy schedules and other commitments. I have put off calling them sometimes because I have nothing new or exciting to report. This year, the FOCUS will be on showing how much I love and care about them through timely calls, texts and letters.
  3. Reconnect with my faith. I have definitely lost my FOCUS since not returning to Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this year. I realize now how much being involved in a comprehensive Bible study keeps me grounded in scripture and prayer. I plan to become more involved in my church again and make an effort every day to pray for friends and family and keep a prayer journal.
  4. Become a better writer. While I thought I focused quite a lot on my writing in 2018, I did not give it my all – well, except for when I took the NaNoWriMo challenge to write 50,000 words in the month of November. I did WIN and completed the challenge but my novel, or story, is a far cry from complete and needs a LOT of editing work. What I did learn, however, was that I DO have time to write every single day. My FOCUS for 2019 is to continue that daily writing habit throughout the coming year and hopefully come November 2019 I will be ready and more organized to take that challenge again. (
  5. Declutter, reuse, repurposeFocusing on what really matters in life does NOT include all of the stuff shoved in nooks and crannies that never see the light of day; especially those things that we moved here from our old house that have never been touched in 7 years. They have got to GO! The FOCUS can then be on organizing what is left which hopefully will be only things we love, enjoy and actually use.

While these will be my main areas of FOCUS in 2019, I plan to be more aware of the situations I find myself in where I can be more creative, more kind, more grateful, and more generous. I am looking forward to the challenges in the coming year and if you decide to choose a word for yourself in 2019, I hope you will connect with me and share how it has impacted your life.

Where FOCUS flows, energy goes” – Pinterest

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